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Beware of 7 Causes of Crawling Too Late, Moms!

Beware of 7 Causes of Crawling Too Late, Moms!

Babies can sit, crawl, stand, walk, run! Yes, that is the phase of motor development for children that parents are most waiting for. However, the crawling phase is one that is often missed and not experienced by all babies. If your baby is one of them, there is no need to worry, because doctors say this is normal for children, Moms. What are the reasons for babies not crawling? Check out the explanation, yes!

Less Tummy Time

Leaving the baby on his stomach or tummy time provides many benefits, you know, Moms. One of the benefits tummy time is to strengthen the baby’s muscles and bones, which become an important “capital” for the development of motor intelligence. Quoting Nytimes.com, baby less tummy time have weaker back and arm muscles, which can affect your baby’s readiness to crawl.

Less Opportunity

Fear of babies being tired, sprained, bumped, are examples of reasons that often make parents afraid to let their babies crawl. In fact, the child looks ready and really wants to explore the room on all fours. If you are one of these parents, try to let go of your worries and support your Little One’s crawling phase.

We understand that you want to hold your baby’s tiny body and keep it safe in your arms. But Moms have to remember, crawling is a very important phase that helps him be better prepared to learn to stand, walk and run.


Quoting Babygaga.com, obesity can also affect a baby’s readiness to crawl. According to Reuters.com, a study from the University of North Carolina evaluated 215 babies aged up to 18 months, and 152 of them were overweight. The research revealed the fact that 20 percent experienced delays in motor skills, such as crawling.

This study also concluded that delays in motor skills (such as not being able to sit upright for 30 seconds) were found to be twice as common in children who were overweight, compared to those of normal weight. So, if Moms suspect that being overweight is the cause of your baby’s difficulty crawling, try to consult a pediatrician.

Premature Birth

Babies born before 37 weeks of gestation are called premature babies, and this can affect many things in a child’s development. It is this age of birth that Moms must remember when talking about their growth and development, because premature babies cannot be equated with babies born at full term.

Quoting Webmd.com, when a premature baby is 4 months old, he may not be able to do the same with other 4 month babies who are born at term. This is because premature babies need more time to do things, like sit and crawl. Should you be worried? Take it easy, Moms, it’s perfectly normal for premature babies to crawl longer than other children.


This is a problem where the baby’s feet are stiff, this is also often referred to as Stiff Baby Syndrome or SBS. Hypertonicity occurs when the baby’s leg muscles are very stiff due to problems with nerves and cells in the brain. Babies with SBS have difficulty stretching their legs when conscious, because their bodies can only be relaxed and flexible when they are asleep. In more severe cases, SBS or hypertonicity not only makes it difficult for the baby to crawl or bend, but it also makes it difficult to swallow.

Weak Legs

There are those whose legs are too stiff (hypertonic), there are also babies whose legs are too weak (hypotonic). This weak leg problem is also often referred to as Floppy Muscle Syndrome or FMS. Generally, this is very easy to detect from birth, but can only happen later in life. If this happens to the baby, then crawling becomes very difficult for him.

Cerebral Palsy

A crawling baby late in the day can be a sign of developmental disorders, such as cerebral palsy. Another indicator that indicates a baby cerebral palsy it is difficult to smile when he is 3 months old, which is followed by other delays, such as sitting, crawling, and walking. (Tiffany / SW / Doc. Freepik)

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