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Benefits of Reading Al-Quran Routinely, Get Multiple Rewards

Illustration© Freepik

Far From Misguided

People who get used to regularly reading the Koran will not get lost and get hurt. As Allah SWT says:

So if guidance from Me (O human) comes to you, then whoever follows My instructions, surely he will not go astray and will not be harmed ” (QS. Thaahaa: 123).

Besides that Ibn Abbas ra said: “Allah SWT guarantees people who read the Koran and practice their wombs that they will not get lost in this world and will not be harmed in the hereafter.”

Home Becomes Glowing

Regularly reading the Koran at home can make the house brighter. Not only that, the house where the Koran is always recited will feel calmer and more peaceful. Rasulullah SAW said:

The parable of the house that is called the name of Allah in it and the house that is not called the name of Allah in it is like the parable of the living and the dead ”.

Even Imam an Nawawi said: “In this hadith there is a suggestion for (a lot of) dhikr to Allah SWT (including reading Al-Quran and other dhikr) at home and the house should not be emptied of dhikr (to Him).”

In the narration of at-Tirmidhi there is also a hadith which reads: ” Surely the devil will not enter the house which is read in the letter Al-Baqarah. ”