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Benefits of Mangosteen Seeds to Overcome Various Diseases

Winnetnews.com – Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is commonly found in Indonesia. The fruit with the Latin name Garcinia mangostana has a slightly sweet and sour taste.

This fruit has a purplish brown skin color. While the meat has a watery texture and is bright white!

Mangosteen is known as a fruit that has many benefits for health. Some studies suggest mangosteen pulp and rind extract have certain health benefits.

However, what about mangosteen seeds? Some people also believe that eating mangosteen seeds that are dried in the sun or drinking boiled water for mangosteen seeds is useful for overcoming various health problems.

Is it true that eating mangosteen seeds is beneficial for health?


Doctor Reza Fahlevi, Sp. A, said that mangosteen seeds are often consumed as traditional medicine.

He also revealed that the mangosteen seeds contain antioxidants which are good for health.

Well, the antioxidant content in mangosteen seeds is what the public believes as a medicine to treat various diseases.

Not only that, according to some sources, eating mangosteen seeds is useful for preventing Alzheimer’s disease and also controlling diabetes.

Even so, dr. Reza reminded that all these benefits have not been medically tested. Most of the benefits of mangosteen seeds are still a myth and need further investigation.

“The research is not strong enough, so it requires more research with more samples and methods,” said dr. Reza Fahlevi.