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Benefits of Cucumber Infused Water for Body Health, Fight Cancer and Lower Blood Pressure

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Drinking cold water during the day will make the body and throat refreshed.

But have you ever tried drinking water mixed with cucumber slices?

Water with certain fruit slices is often called infused water.

Water with cucumber slices has many good benefits for the body.

Cucumber water is a good substitute for sugary drinks and cucumber water also hydrates your body well.

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Cucumber water illustration
Cucumber water illustration (Boldsky)

Replacing cold drinks with high sugar levels during the day with cucumber sliced ​​water might be a solution to control sugar levels in the body.

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, molybdenum, and several antioxidants.

You can make it by thinly slicing the cucumber and then adding it to the drinking area.

You can also put cucumber water in the refrigerator to make it cooler.

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Cucumber water
Cucumber water (Boldsky)

Here are the health benefits of cucumber water Tribunnews summarize from Boldsky: