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Benefits of Cat Whiskers for Herbal Medicines - Diabetes Drugs, Respiratory Drugs, Gout Drugs

TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – Beautiful flowers, cat whiskers nutritious as a medicinal plant. This is the benefits of cat whiskers as herbal medicine.

Cat’s whiskers, plants that have flowery crowns piled with long stamens.

Usually, the stamen of a cat’s whiskers is white like a cat’s whiskers.

Cat Mustache Plant
Cat Mustache Plant (Collage)

Cat whiskers are wild plants that usually grow along creeks or ditches. However, not a few people deliberately planted cat whiskers in their yard.

Apart from being an ornamental plant, cat’s whiskers are herbal plants that have many benefits.

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Quoting from the book entitled Atlas of Indonesian Medicinal Plants Volume 2 by Setiawan Dalimartha, cat whiskers contain essential oils, sapophonins, potassium salts, myoinositolm sinensetin, orthosiphonin glycosides, and saponins.

Launched a book entitled The Miracle of Herb by dr. Prapto Utami, Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz, cat whiskers also contain flavonoids which have many health benefits.

This content is what makes cat whiskers a herbal remedy that can eradicate a number of diseases.

Cat’s whiskers leaves as herbal medicine

Cat’s whiskers have been popular in the world of medicine since time immemorial.