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Benefits of Cassava for Beauty, Can Overcome Acne!

INDOZONE.ID – Cassava is usually eaten as fried or stew. However, who would have thought that cassava was also beneficial for skin beauty.

Cassava contains important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, protein, carotene and lysine. This content is needed by the body in maintaining the skin.

To feel these benefits, you only need to process cassava into a mask.

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Well, here are the benefits of cassava for the skin:
1. Smooth and brighten the skin

Reporting from CNN Indonesia from Style Craze, the skin of the cassava plant can be used as a skin exfoliator.

You can part the skin, make a fresh paste and use it as a scrub. Brush the face well for a few minutes and wash off with cold water.

Do this three times a week for maximum results.

2. Get rid of scars and acne

Cassava starch water can help heal wounds and scars if you apply it gently all over the affected area about twice a day.

3. Hydrates the skin

Cassava can also moisturize your skin tone and make it smooth and soft.

You have to prepare a mask for this one at home. Take the root of the cassava plant with a little honey or olive oil. You can also combine it with fruit, such as lemon.