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Benefits of 5 cups of tea per day for elderly brain health


There is a recent study which states that drinking 5 cups of tuh per day is beneficial for the brain health of the elderly. Here’s the explanation according to experts!

Tea is a drink that is widely consumed because of its health benefits. Usually, tea is drunk to relieve flu symptoms and help relax the mind.

More than that, it turns out that tea is beneficial for the health of the elderly, especially for their brain health. Reporting from Standard UK (31/1), there is a recent study about drinking 5 cups of tea per day which is proven to be healthy for the elderly.

This study was conducted on 85 participants who drank 5 cups of tea per day. The results showed that the elderly could be more focused and concentrated.

Benefits of 5 Cups of Tea for Elderly Brain HealthBenefits of 5 Cups of Tea for Elderly Brain Health Photo: iStock

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Another study conducted by Newcastle University, they found that drinkers tea demonstrated better psychomotor skills.

They can better connect the brain and movement. Plus a better reaction speed and help them in their activities. Like driving, sewing, and others.

Dr. Edward Okello from the Human Nutrition Research Center at Newcastle University also added that in the study it was not only tea that worked. However, there are routines such as making tea or chatting that the elderly do.

This research was conducted since 2006 until now. About 1,000 elderly participants who are over 85 years old consume 5 cups or more of tea every day. The tea consumed is black tea.

Benefits of 5 Cups of Tea for Elderly Brain HealthBenefits of 5 Cups of Tea for Elderly Brain Health Photo: iStock

They consume the tea with or without milk. As a result, the elderly performed better on certain cognitive tests. The results of this study were obtained through questionnaires, function tests, blood tests, and other measurements.

Through this study, the researchers suggest giving the elderly black tea. Because it can increase focus and psychomotor speed.

“We now know that enjoying a cup of tea can quench thirst, and is very useful to help focus the elderly in their 85 years,” said Dr Okello.

Apart from the benefits of tea for brain health, tea also useful for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Dietitians also consume a lot to lose weight.

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