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A series of benefits of Me Time for Health

When the daily routine increases, there are times when a person will experience excessive fatigue or what is commonly known as burnout. Have friends ever experienced it?

To overcome this, you can do ‘me time’ or allocate time with yourself to reduce stress, increase productivity, and restore more energy.

There was a time when one needed to give positive mental energy. Me time can be done according to your hobbies and hobbies. Some spend me time by reading books, traveling, listening to music, traveling and much more.

Besides being able to make friends happier, me time turns out to have many health benefits, especially mental health. Come on, see the benefits you will get when you do me time the following.

Me Time

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1. Clear Your Mind

Various problems ranging from problems with education, finances, relationships with people around them can cause a person’s mind to become confused or chaotic. Our brains are always used to think to solve these things. In fact, the brain also needs rest in order to function properly.

For that, benefits me time can make the mind clearer so that Comrades become more focused in thinking about solving problems.

2. Practicing Creativity

Giving yourself time is important to come up with creative ideas. For example, if you have a hobby of drawing, when you have time to draw your own, you will be more creative.

This is supported by research conducted by Washington University, United States. In fact, people who think up ideas in groups tend to have fewer ideas than people who are alone to look for ideas and then work in groups.

3. Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease

When doing me time, the body becomes more relaxed. Not only that, the body also secretes the hormone serotonin which makes a person happier. When a person is happier, it can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

In a study conducted by the European Heart Journal, someone who feels happy will experience a 22 percent reduction in heart disease risk.

4. Increase Endurance

In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, do me time also turns out to increase endurance you know.

In a study conducted in the United States, me time effective for releasing positive emotions in the body. People who have positive emotions in the form of feelings of happiness, energy, and calm tend to catch colds less frequently because positive emotions naturally build immunity.

Relieves stress

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5. Overcoming Stress

One of the benefits me time is to deal with stress. Doing hobbies or activities that you like without other people’s distraction can reduce a person’s stress level. So, your risk of getting various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease will decrease.

6. Meet People Who Have The Same Hobby

Me time also allows someone to spend time exploring hobbies in the midst of busy activities. Thus, me time allows you to meet new people with the same hobbies as you and build relationships with that person.

Don’t hesitate anymore to do my time, my friend? Come on, do it useful for me time Friends. (YUR)

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