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9 health benefits of orange juice if you drink it regularly every morning


Pure orange juice that is consumed regularly at breakfast has many healthy properties. Makes skin smooth, prevents kidney disease and strengthens immunity.

Orange juice or orange juice or popularly known as OJ is pure orange water without the addition of water, ice or sugar. This juice is water that comes out when a navel orange is squeezed.

OJ is so popular that it is a must for American breakfast. Not only to brighten up the morning at breakfast, apparently this fresh orange juice has always been known for its various benefits for the health of the body’s organs.

Its sour taste, fresh and easy to prepare, make orange juice the most popular drink in the world. what is meant here is juice from real orange fruit, without any added ingredients or fresh and pure orange juice.

According to various sources, here are 9 healthy benefits of pure orange juice that you will get if consumed regularly.

1. Strengthen body immunity

Pure orange juice or 100% can strengthen the body’s immunity. This is because Orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C which can meet the daily needs of vitamin C.

Oranges are also known for their content of ascorbic acid, a component of collagen that can renew cells and stimulate the growth of connective tissue in the body. With 2 nutrients, orange juice can help fight disease.

2. Healthy digestion

Liquid has an important function to facilitate the digestive process. Apart from water, fresh orange juice can provide water and fiber intake. One small orange contains 3 g of fiber.

Fiber is needed in the digestive process as a colon cleanser. Studies say drinking orange juice every day can prevent constipation or constipation. Should be consumed regularly for maximum benefits.

3. Reducing the risk of cancer

Consumption of large amounts of vitamin C has not been proven to treat cancer. However, when injected into patients it can give good results against disease.

Reported in research vitamin C can reduce the risk of cancer of the mouth, esophagus and stomach by more than 40%. This is because oranges contain fiber, potassium and flavonoids.

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