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8 Benefits of Muesli for Body Health, See Its Practical Recipe

Liputan6.com, Jakarta There are various benefits of muesli for the health of the body, making this dish a healthy alternative breakfast option. Muesli itself was first made by a doctor from Switzerland named Maximilian Bircher-Benner. He made muesli because he got inspiration while hiking in the mountains of Switzerland.

Along with its development, the benefits of muesli are made as a supplement for therapy patients who really need a diet rich in fiber, protein and vitamins. So do not be surprised, if in the muesli you will find a lot of fruit mixtures.

Maybe you are confused about muesli with regular oats. Basically this muesli dish is made from rolled oats which are then given a mixture of nuts, honey and fresh fruit or you can also dry fruit. You could say, the muesli mixture is a form of the initial serving made by Doctor Benner.

However, the way of serving muesli itself is increasingly developing in various forms and variations, some of which are fresh muesli, gluten-free muesli, toasted or untoasted muesli, and muesli which are available in ready-to-eat packages. However, how is it served, the benefits of muesli are still good for the body.

Here Liputan6.com has launched from various sources, what are the benefits of muesli that are good for the body, Friday (1/1/2021).