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8 Benefits of Guava Leaves, Lower Cholesterol to Control Diabetes

BANDUNG, AYOBANDUN.COM – Guava leaves are rich in health benefits. Guava leaves can treat many diseases because they contain antioxidants and tannins.

Apart from treating diseases, guava leaves can lower cholesterol to prevent diabetes.

Guava leaves contain anti-infective and antibacterial properties. When the guava leaves are processed into tea, they contain vitamin C and flavonoids such as quercetin which are important for health. This natural remedy is believed to relieve pain.

Here are the various benefits of guava leaves for health:

1. Treating diarrhea
If you have diarrhea, drink tea made from guava leaves or guava leaf extract capsules. According to various studies, guava leaves have anti-diarrhea properties.

2. Fight obesity
Guava leaves can lose weight because they can stop the production of sugar caused by the starch consumed by the body. The increased body weight is due to sugar metabolized through the liver and turned into fat which then enters the blood silently.

3. Lower cholesterol
According to a study published in the journal nutrition and metabolism, consuming guava leaf extract regularly for a period of months can help reduce bad cholesterol. This natural ingredient causes no side effects and is safe.

4. Prevent Cancer
Guava leaves contain lycopene which can fight breast, prostate and oral cancer. These leaves can stop the production of androgens in men, these hormones work on the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Another property is to treat stomach cancer because it contains quercetin, lycopene and vitamin C which have anticancer and anti-tumor properties and can neutralize free radicals in the body.

A study in the journal Cancer Letters shows that essential oil containing guava leaves can slow the growth of stomach cancer because it is rich in tannins, aromandenoids, triterpenoids, nerolidol, caryopphyllene, betabisabolene, and p-seline.

5. Controlling diabetes
Drinking guava leaf tea is beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes. According to research in the journal nutrition and metabolism, guava leaf extract can prevent diabetes.

6. Treating gum disease
According to a journal, the antibacterial and anti-infective properties of guava leaves can protect teeth and gums from inflammation and other problems.

7. Cure dengue fever
According to a traditional medicine journal, a person suffering from dengue fever has a very low blood count, guava leaves are one of the solutions to increase the platelets that prevent bleeding.

8. Improve skin and hair health
Not only for treating disease, guava leaves are also good for acne prone skin, black spots, wrinkle removal and beneficial for hair growth.

To make a potion from seed leaves is fairly easy.

Provide six pieces of guava leaves and one liter of water. Boil the washed guava leaves in one liter of water for about 10 minutes. Strain the cooking water, add enough honey to sweeten it and drink it while it’s warm.