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7 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Health, Caring for Teeth to Smooth Digestion

7 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Health, Caring for Teeth to Smooth DigestionSesame oil illustration. shutterstock

Merdeka.com – Sesame oil is a type of ingredient that is often added to various kinds of food preparations. The distinctive taste of sesame oil does add a more delicious aroma to food. Not only that, the slightly dark color can also give an attractive appearance to each dish that is served.

Apart from functioning as a flavor enhancer for food dishes, it turns out that sesame oil also has various ingredients that are beneficial to the body. Sesame oil is known to contain oleic acid, plammic acid, and linoleic acid. Not only that, sesame oil also contains vitamin E, vitamin K, as well as antioxidants that are high in sesamin and sesamol.

The number of good ingredients contained in it can provide various good benefits for health. The health benefits of sesame oil are said to nourish the heart, support healthy teeth, and promote proper digestion. In addition, the benefits of sesame oil are also known to be able to fight free radical compounds in the body that can prevent various diseases.

That way, this sesame oil is very good to be added to various daily foods. If consumed regularly, the various benefits of sesame oil can be obtained easily. Reporting from The Healthy website, here we summarize some of the health benefits of sesame oil that you need to know.

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