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6 Benefits of Forests for Humans


Apart from being a home for animals and plants, forests also have various benefits for humans. What are the benefits of forests?

In accordance with RI Law No. 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry, it is stated that forest is an integrated ecosystem in the form of a stretch of land containing biological natural resources dominated by trees in their natural environment, which cannot be separated from one another.

The law states three forest functions. Namely, the conservation function, protection function, and production function. Based on this function, the government determines forest based on its main function to be conservation forest, protection forest and production forest.

So, forest use must be based on the function of the forest. Here are six benefits of forest according to law:

1. Vegetable products

Such as wood, bamboo, rattan, grass, mushrooms, medicinal plants, gums, etc., as well as parts of plants or those produced by plants in the forest.

2. Animal products

Such as wild animals and their captive products, hunting animals, beautiful animals, and other animals, as well as their parts or their products.

3. Non-living objects that are ecologically a unitary ecosystem with biological objects that make up the forest, among others in the form of water sources, clean air (oxygen), and others that are not included as mining objects

4. Services from the forest, including natural tourism, beauty and uniqueness, hunting services, etc.

5. Production results that are obtained directly from the processing of raw materials originating from forests, which constitute primary production, among others, in the form of logs, sawn timber, plywood and pulp.

6. Mining objects in the forest.

So that’s 6 benefits of forests for humans.

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