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5 Surprising Benefits of Jengkol

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Jengkol is one of the foods that are not recommended to be consumed before carrying out a corona test using the GeNose tool.

The smell is said to make the tool not optimal. Even though behind that, jengkol is one food that has a number of surprising benefits.

Jengkol contains various important substances for the body such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Some time ago, a clinical nutrition specialist from the Department of Nutrition, FKUI, Dr. Anna Maurina Singal, told detikHealth that jengkol is beneficial if consumed in sufficient quantities.

Anna added that jengkol contains vitamins A, B and C as well as the minerals phosphorus, calcium and iron.

In 100 grams of jengkol contains 192 kcal, 5.4 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 40.7 grams of carbohydrates and 0.7 mg of iron.

Here are some of the benefits of jengkol for health:

1. Maintain heart health

Jengkol contains antioxidants that can ward off free radicals in the body and help improve blood circulation.

When consumed in small amounts, jengkol is also useful for supporting heart health.

But remember not to cook it with a mixture of coconut milk or high-fat ingredients.

2. Prevent anemia

Jengkol also contains iron. Iron functions for the formation of red blood cells in the blood making it suitable for treating anemia.

In addition, to avoid anemia, you also need to eat foods that contain vitamin C so that iron absorption is more optimal.

3. Maintain weight

Jengkol contains fiber so it is useful for maintaining body weight. In addition, jengkol can also burn body energy and overcome body fat as long as it is cooked the right way.

4. Controlling blood sugar levels

Jengkol has active compounds that function to control and control blood sugar levels. So that diabetics are considered safe to consume jengkol.

5. Stabilizing the body’s vital organs

Vital organs in the body will function optimally when the body has enough folic acid and vitamin B6. Thanks to this content, jengkol is useful for pregnant women.

As written in the book 56 Magical Foods and Their Benefits for Health and Beauty by Yusuf CK Arianto, the high iron content in jengkol is not only useful for preventing anemia but also increasing stamina.

To take the benefits of jengkol, regular consumption in the form of fresh vegetables will be very helpful in overcoming the problem of iron deficiency.



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