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5 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach: There are tomatoes to soda, increase stomach acidity

SERAMBINEWS.COM – On an empty stomach, of course, you will feel hunger symptoms such as growling.

Hunger stomach is a common condition, you will look for food according to your tongue’s taste as a booster or even eliminate hunger.

However, when your activities are dense and forget to eat to cause an empty stomach, then you have to be more selective in choosing food.

There are some foods that you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach.

If these foods are eaten on an empty stomach, there is a chance that you will experience stomach aches and so on.

Launch from Step to Health, Friday (1/1/2021), here are 13 foods that can and should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

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Foods that you probably shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach

1. Tomato

These foods should be avoided on an empty stomach. The high content of tannic acid in tomatoes can increase your stomach acid.

As a result, heartburn symptoms can get worse. It’s best to leave it for another meal.