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5 Benefits of Fish Cork You Need To Know, No. 3 Most Important

SHARE THE NEWS-In areas that have waters, such as rivers, swamps, ditches and lakes, many fish can be used as a source of protein, such as snakehead fish (Channa striata).

Fish Cork which has been known by the people of Indonesia for a long time. These fish easily live in waters that have not been contaminated by pesticides.

In nature, snakehead fish are predatory fish, predators of small fish, insects, young frogs (tadpoles), snails, worms and other types of aquatic animals.

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This fish is widespread from South Asia, southern China to Southeast Asia, including western Indonesia.

In Indonesia, many local names for this fish such as bocek (Riau), aruan, haruan (Malay), kocolan (Betawi), bogo (Sundanese), bayong , bogo, licingan (Banyumas), curse (Javanese), kabos (Minahasa).

In English it is known by names such as the common snakehead, snakehead murrel, chevron snakehead, striped snakehead and also aruan.

Adult cork fish can develop up to one meter. Big head slightly flattened like the head of a snake (hence the name snakehead), with large scales on the head.

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