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4 Benefits of Keratin Treatment to Get Smooth and Shiny Hair

Illustration of fine and shiny hair


Illustration of fine and shiny hair

Report from Journalist Grid.ID, Marsha Ayu

Grid.ID – Maybe many are already familiar with keratin hair treatment.

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair straightening treatments.

Quoted from parenting.firstcry.com, this keratin treatment aims to restore natural keratin in your hair.

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In addition, this treatment also adds artificial keratin which aims to make hair smooth and shiny.

Reporting from Sehatq.com, it turns out that keratin treatment has 4 other benefits for hair.

Come see!

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1. Prevent frizz

In line with the goal of keratin treatment which makes hair smooth, this treatment certainly has the effect of preventing frizz.

Hair becomes more manageable after keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment works by smoothing overlapping hair cells to form strands.

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Besides being smooth and easy to manage, keratin treatment can penetrate the hair cuticles so you will get shiny hair.

2. Strengthens hair

Keratin treatment is claimed to prevent hair from becoming brittle and easy to fall out.

Keratin treatment is believed to strengthen the bonds between the roots and hair follicles so that the hair becomes stronger.

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In addition, keratin treatment is also believed to make hair grow faster.

3. Protect hair

Keratin treatment can make hair look shiny no matter the weather is hot or dry.

Each hair strand is believed to be stronger with the help of keratin treatment.

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Quoted from pbbeautyschool.com, keratin treatment can protect hair from sun exposure, pollution, and smoke which can make hair dull and damaged.

4. Make hair dry faster

You have long hair and spend a long time drying your hair?

Keratin treatment can be your solution to reduce the time you dry your hair!

This is because, your hair always looks smooth and shiny no matter the weather.

So, the use of a hairdryer or other hair styling tools can be reduced.

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Apart from the various benefits offered, of course keratin treatment has side effects that you shouldn’t ignore.

Most importantly, stay wise in choosing the right treatment for yourself, yes!