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3 Alternative Activities When Fimela's Friends Are Bored Watching Korean Dramas

Fimela.com, Jakarta Corona pandemic ongoing time leaves us with more time to be at home. From waking up to closing our eyes, we spend a lot of time at home due to large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) everywhere. In fact, some companies require employees to work from home.

For some people, staying at home longer than usual is not an easy thing. Boredom may appear bigger than comfort. Therefore, entertainment also needed. One of them is by watching Korean dramas (drakor). Do you watch Drakor more often during a pandemic like this?

Watching Drakor continuously will definitely cause boredom over time. So if you’re bored, what do you want to do? Eits, do not be sad! Fimela’s friends can do many other useful things to get rid of boredom at home. What are the alternatives for these activities?

1. Decluttering

Yasss, Queen! Instead of being confused about not knowing what to do, try looking at your wardrobe and accessory drawers. How many clothes and accessories have just piled up in the closet and been unused since before the pandemic began? Instead of being left to fill the cupboard, there’s nothing wrong with it, you know, for you to sort it out again.

You can donate unused items or even you can preloved via Instagram. That way, you can be wiser in consuming something. Question declutter, Fimela’s friends can learn more from the Lyfe With Less community yes.

2. Redecorate the Room!

Apart from being a bedroom, for some people, the bedroom is a room that is also used to work and do various other activities. For that, it doesn’t hurt to create a sense of comfort. Redecorate or redecorate you can do when you don’t know what to do anymore.

Not always repainting walls and buying new furniture, Friends of Fimela can arrange the positions of objects in the room to make them beautiful.refresh atmosphere. Check out the room decorating tips at here.