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What Impact Happens if We Eat Bananas Every Day? Know the Benefits of Content in Bananas, let's!

What Impact Happens if We Eat Bananas Every Day?  Know the Benefits of Content in Bananas, let's!

Photo by Dom J from Pexels

What Impact Happens if We Eat Bananas Every Day? Know the Benefits of Content in Bananas, let’s!

Bobo.id – Bananas are one of the fruits that are easily found at fruit stalls in markets. Moreover, banana is not a seasonal fruit.

Although there are many types, generally the taste of banana is sweet, friends.

Because of this, many like to eat bananas directly, mix them into fruit soup, or even process bananas into cake.

I wonder, can we eat bananas every day?

Then, what impact will happen to the body if we eat bananas every day, huh?

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Is it okay to eat bananas every day?

Sourced from Healthline, actually there are no specific rules about how many bananas we can consume each day.

For healthy people, eating bananas one to two times is fine and not excessive, my friends.

However, keep in mind that the body needs a variety of nutritional intake, so don’t forget to balance the consumption of bananas with vegetables, protein sources, good fats, and other nutritious fruits.

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Content in Bananas and the Impact of Eating Bananas Every Day

Do you know? The content in bananas can change according to the level of maturity.

Usually, bananas are harvested while they are still green so that when they are sold they are not too ripe.

For example, bananas that are green and unripe are high in fiber which helps lower blood sugar levels.

According to research, the content of bananas is more nutritious when they are ripe or yellow.

Then, what are the ingredients and benefits of bananas that we can get if we consume them regularly, huh?

Here are some of them:

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Illustration of peeling banana peel.

Designed by mdjaff / Freepik

Illustration of peeling banana peel.

1. Benefits of Bananas for Digestion and Blood Sugar

The high fiber content of bananas is good for digestion, friends.

High fiber is also good for preventing us from getting hungry quickly, thus preventing us from overeating. This is important to keep the body from excess calories and risk of being overweight, friends.

The reason is that excessive body weight can increase the risk of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

In addition, banana contains resistant starch which is good for intestinal health and controls blood sugar levels.

Bananas are also a low-glycemic index food, which means they don’t make your blood sugar rise suddenly.

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2. Benefits of Bananas for the Heart

Sourced from Live Science, one of the banana content is potassium.

This potassium mineral is good for the heart, friends.

In addition, the high potassium content and low sodium content in bananas are good for preventing high blood pressure.

Bananas are also rich in antioxidants which are good for reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease.

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The benefits of eating bananas regularly

MaxPixel’s contributors

The benefits of eating bananas regularly

3. Benefits of Bananas for Vision

The banana contains vitamin A.

Vitamin A has compounds that can protect the membranes in the eye area, friends.

So eating bananas regularly is also good for the eyes.

4. Benefits of Bananas for Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan compounds which are converted into serotonin in the body. Serotonin is responsible for improving mood.

Bananas also contain vitamin B6 which helps you sleep better and magnesium, which relaxes your muscles.

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