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Watch Out! 5 Foods that cause vaginal discharge you need to be aware of

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Leucorrhoea is a natural thing that is experienced by all women. However, there are several types of food that actually exacerbate its appearance. You need to avoid foods that cause vaginal discharge so that your health condition is maintained.

If it occurs in excess, vaginal discharge can cause a fungal infection and odor. When this condition continues and is not treated immediately, it is not possible that your overall body health will be disturbed.

Launching Bustle (bustle.com), foods or drinks that contain too much sugar and alcohol have an effect on the vaginal discharge you pass. You don’t have to completely avoid it. However, make sure to limit your consumption of the following types of foods and drinks.


The first food that causes vaginal discharge to consume you need to limit is alcohol. This type of drink can make you dehydrated so that it can interfere with the vaginal discharge you are experiencing. When dehydrated, the vagina will find it difficult to produce the lubricant it needs.

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Sweet Food

Bustle says that consuming too many sugary foods can increase the risk of yeast infection. This is because mushrooms like sugar, especially in humid and warm environments.

One habit that can create such an environment is when you don’t change your pants immediately after exercising. This shows that diabetics are more prone to developing yeast infections that can interfere with the health of your vagina.


One of the foods that cause vaginal discharge and interfere with vaginal health is onions.

Not only affects bad breath, eating onions can also make your vagina smell bad. This is because the smell of onions comes out when you urinate. The same is true when you consume garlic excessively.

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High fat foods, such as fried foods, can cause bacterial vaginosis, which can lead to vaginal discharge. Not only vaginal discharge, other signs that can arise due to this condition are vaginal odor and itching and a burning sensation when you urinate.


Apart from the foods that cause vaginal discharge above, coffee can also interfere with your vaginal health. Consuming excessive coffee can increase the risk of yeast infection and change the smell of fluids in your body.

Editor: Belladina Biananda