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Various Benefits of Having a Family Medicine Garden on the Home Page

The existence of TOGA in the community is considered important because TOGA has the function of moving people to carry out independent care.

“So independent care, when you have a minor illness, first buy the medicine at a shop or pharmacy. After there is TOGA, it is not advisable to rush to take chemical drugs, first use existing medicinal plants independently. “

In addition to independent care, TOGA also has the function of increasing family nutritional intake because in TOGA there are not only medicinal plants but also vegetables and fish ponds.

On the other hand, TOGA can also function as greening and environmental beauty, preserving the nation’s cultural heritage, and increasing family income if the plants are processed based on community innovation and sold.

Preservation of local native plant species or rare medicinal plants can also be done at TOGA. This was accompanied by education about traditional medicine.

“This is a good effort from the Ministry of Health because many of our local plants are extinct, many plants that our children do not know even though they have many benefits,” concluded Ratna.