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Using 2.3 GHz frequency, Smartfren is still studying the benefits of 5G

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk. (FREN) believes that the presence of 5G can be a game changer in the telecommunications industry. As for the 2.3 GHz band, with a slimmer spectrum, the company is still studying its impact on competition in the industry.

President Director of Smartfren, Merza Fachys, said that the implementation of 5G in Indonesia could be a game changer in the telecommunications industry.

The function of 5G is not just making customers get faster internet when watching movies, but it is related to bigger things for society and industry. Meanwhile, for the deployment of the first 5G in the country, which is expected to occur next year, Smartfren is still reviewing its benefits.

“For 2.3 GHz, we still have to finalize the study, so we cannot deliver further,” Merza told Bisnis.com, Sunday (27/12/2020).

However, he continued, Smartfren had successfully conducted 5G trials at the oil production center in Marunda. The resulting speed at that time reached 8.7 Gbps on the user’s device.

The trials were held at the control of goods delivery logistics lines and production equipment maintenance applications in limited areas with virtual reality (VR) techniques and drones.

Merza explained that 5G is also useful to assist in a number of important missions in the industry such as digitizing manufacturing, digitizing production, long-distance operations, to fast trains.

“5G is a game changer that we must evaluate and review in detail. From 4G to 5G, it is not just speeding up internet connection, but there are many other missions that we hope will be a service that is of great benefit to the community, “said Merza.

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