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Turmeric Can Treat Hemorrhoids, Here's How ...

Turmeric (anja)
Turmeric (anja)

MALANGVOICE – Besides being used as a cooking ingredient, Turmeric is also often used as an herbal ingredient. Turmeric is actually quite effective in treating hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

A doctor on Jalan Arumba, Dr. Rahman Agus said, hemorrhoids can be divided into two types, namely internal hemorrhoids, usually appearing with rectal bleeding without pain. While external hemorrhoids can show some symptoms or if they are thrombosed there will be significant pain and swelling in the anal area.

He explained that how to use it itself is divided into 2, namely the internal procedure and the external procedure.

For the internal procedure, prepare 250gr of turmeric, 1 chicken, 1 tablespoon of honey, and enough lime juice.

The trick is to peel the turmeric, then wash it, then grate it and squeeze it without adding water. Mix turmeric juice with honey, lime juice and chicken egg yolk, then stir and then drink.

“For maximum results do it regularly until it recovers, it is advisable to drink the ingredients before bed,” he explained.

For external procedures, prepare a piece of turmeric to taste, then knead the turmeric until smooth or it can be grated until smooth, then put it on a small container and add a little water, then heat it on the stove until it boils a little, then remove it.

“Wait until the mixture is a little warm or lukewarm, take a little and then stick it over the anus affected by the hemorrhoids. It is recommended that this method be done just before going to sleep, “he said.

Agus advised not to continue consuming turmeric. So, if more than five days the hemorrhoids still bother you, immediately consult a doctor.