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Try drinking warm water with lime juice, feel the benefits

ACCURATE.CO, Waking up in the morning regularly consuming warm water with lime juice can be the best way to maintain health. The vitamin content in lime can help your body before starting routine activities. Reporting from various sources, here are the benefits of drinking warm water with a little squeeze of lime juice in the morning.

Increase immunity

This rich content of vitamin C makes limes offer protection to the body. With prime immunity, the body will be protected from infection and various other diseases.

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Encourages thirst

The United States CDC reveals that someone who regularly drinks warm water with lime juice can encourage drinking more water. Therefore, the need for fluids in the body will be automatically met and more than sufficient.

Lose weight

A study in Nutritional Epidemiology states, people who drink more water must have a good diet because they avoid sugary drinks. So by drinking warm water with lime juice, it is also quite effective for helping someone who wants to lose weight because it makes a regular diet.

Against aging

The content of vitamin C in lime makes the skin look younger and brighter. Vitamin C provides natural antioxidants and also eliminates free radicals that are harmful to the body and cause damage to the skin. Drinking warm water with lime ensures it can fight wrinkles on the skin.

Avoid cancer and heart

In the Medicine (Baltimore) study revealed that the benefits of lime are associated with a reduced risk of several types of cancer such as esophageal cancer. Even the presence of magnesium and potassium also helps to maintain overall heart health.[]

Editor: Boniface Sedu Beribe