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This is the secret why the benefits of black honey are superior

Honey color varies from light to darker or black. The darker the color, the more effective it is as an antibacterial and richer in antioxidants. This is why many people consider the benefits of black honey to be better than regular honey.

Honey contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sugars, and antioxidants from phenols and flavonoids. The benefits of black honey may be better than colored honey because it contains higher phenol components. The higher the phenol content, the higher the antioxidant capacity of flavonoids in this type of honey will automatically be higher.

This is the secret why the benefits of black honey are superior - Alodokter

There are also studies which suggest that black honey is superior because it is more stable so that the substances in it are not easily damaged.

The following compounds are key

As mentioned above, one factor that makes the benefits of black honey superior is the content of phenolic acids and flavonoids. The following is an explanation of the phenolic acid content and flavonoid antioxidants in black honey:

After knowing the benefits of black honey above, from now on you can provide black honey as a complement to nutritional intake for family members at home. Consult about nutrition and the dose of black honey consumption with a nutritionist.