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This is the benefit of luffa for the health of your body

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Gambas aka Oyong is a low calorie vegetable. This is the benefit of luffa for the health of your body.

Some people in this country must be familiar with oyong, aka gambas.

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Oyong is a good vegetable for those who are on a diet. The reason is, oyong is a green vegetable that is low in calories.

Oyong plants are commonly found in yards or gardens. Not surprisingly, some people deliberately plant and breed oyong plants.

Oyong plants grow vines with wide, grooved leaves. Oyong fruit has a unique shape, which is elliptical with ribbed surfaces.

Have you ever consumed oyong?

From an oyong plant that can be consumed is the fruit. Generally, oyong fruit is processed into a food menu such as soup or stir fry.

However, who would have thought that oyong had many health benefits if consumed regularly and not in excess.

Oyong content

Oyong or what is known as luffa has a delicious taste and is cold. So, don’t be surprised if oyong is often used as a daily food menu.

Quoting from a book entitled Smart Choosing Vegetables: Plus Minus 54 Types of Vegetables by Lanny Lingga, oyong is a low-calorie vegetable. In 100 grams of oyong fruit only contains 18 kcal calories.

Even though it is low in calories, Oyong contains many vitamins and minerals. In oyong fruit contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, and water.

Benefits of oyong for health

Contains vitamins and minerals that make Oyong popular with people. Here are the benefits of oyong for body health.

1. The drug diabates

It is no secret that Oyong is an herbal medicine for diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus, aka diabetes.

Quoting from a book entitled The Miracle of Vegetables by Farah Rizki. S.Gz, oyong seeds contain cucubitasin compounds which can reduce blood sugar levels.

The efficacy of oyong as a diabates herbal medicine has been proven in research. The results of research conducted by Dr. I Ketut Adyana showed that consumption of two to three old oyong seeds or the equivalent of 10.8 -21.6 mg / kg body weight every day can help people with diabetes reduce blood sugar levels.

2. Asian stimulants

It seems that oyong seeds are not only effective as a diabetes medicine but also as a stimulant for breastfeeding.

Oyong seeds are a laxative which can stimulate the production of breast milk. Those of you who are breastfeeding can try to consume oyong seeds from now on.

3. Smooth digestion

Oyong is cold and the seeds are a laxative which helps cleanse the intestines of food debris. In addition, oyong seeds are also able to relieve heartburn.

How were you interested in starting to consume oyong?

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