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This Honey Tasted Bitter

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – It seems that honey does not always have a sweet taste. There is also honey which tastes bitter. For example, Az Zikra Bitter Black Honey. This honey is honey which has a characteristic black color and bitter taste. Derived from wild bees that suck flower nectar from Mahogany and Cambodian trees that are produced naturally from Borneo’s forest bees.

This honey is very special because it has a high alkaloid content, which is efficacious to help cure various diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, cancer, gout, impotence, asthma, allergies, vertigo, ulcers, rheumatism, sore throat, cough, influenza and many other diseases. This special honey helps cure serious diseases.
Az Zikra Black Honey contains low sugar levels and its bitter taste helps the prangkres organ and insulin balance blood sugar levels, thus helping the solution for diabetes patients.

Murti Usman agreed with this in Makassar. He who just drank 1 bottle, his blood sugar fell, so that he was weak, tired and tired was gone. Maturidi, a diabetic sufferer from Aceh also experienced the same thing. Her blood sugar has dropped from 298 to 150 and is now close to normal 130. Rosida, who lives in Pematang Siantar with a sugar level of 400, after routinely for 2 weeks her blood sugar drops to 250.

Az Zikra honey is the dzikir honey that was initiated by Ustaz Muhammad Arifin Ilham, who was known through his Dzikir / Majelis Az Zikra. This product is basically a business for mosques, Islamic boarding schools and orphans. Ten percent of Az Zikra’s honey purchases are used for donations for the construction of the pesantren.

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