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These 5 Herbal Plants Help You Maintain Liver Health | Page 3

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 – 22:23 WIB

4. Artichokes

Artichokes can prevent liver toxicity and reduce the effects of alcohol and processed foods.

This is thanks to rays and silymarin, phytonutrients that help produce bile and protect liver cells.

In fact, artichokes do more than just cleanse the liver. Research shows that they can lower cholesterol levels by up to 4.2 percent in 12 weeks.

5. Burdock root

This herb was known to purify blood. Research shows that burdock root contains ingredients that remove heavy metals from the blood.

Now, the benefits of burdock root don’t end there. Burdock root also helps stimulate bile production as well as helps repair damaged liver cells.

6. Turmeric