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These 2 Ingredients Can Not Be Mixed With Avocado, It Can Eliminate Its Benefits

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Avocado is very familiar in our life.

Not only for eating, avocado can also be processed into cosmetic ingredients.

This one fruit does have a delicious taste and is liked by many people.

The nutritional content in avocados is indeed healthy.

Reporting from the halodoc.com page, avocados contain protein, good fats, carotenoids, lutein, and much more.

In fact, because they have good fat content, avocado is often referred to as a fruit that is good for heart health.

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Unfortunately, we may not get the various benefits of avocado if we mix it with these two ingredients.

What ingredients should not be consumed with avocado? Come on, find out!

1. Sugar

Illustration of refined sugar
Illustration of refined sugar (theapricity.com)

Maybe because the taste of avocado tends to be not too sweet or even has no taste at all that’s why this habit is done.