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The benefits of not smoking during a pandemic can prevent contracting the Corona Virus

PR CIREBON – One of the groups considered to be easily infected by the Corona virus is smokers. The level of severity experienced by smokers is much heavier than those who did not smoke when infected with Covid-19.

That is why the smoking habit must be stopped immediately, especially during a pandemic situation like now.

Reported Cirebon.Pikiran-Rakyat.com from the official website alodokter.com on December 29, 2020, it was explained that infection with the Corona or Covid-19 virus, can cause mild symptoms such as flu, then cause severe and fatal symptoms.

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As for other groups who are at high risk of experiencing severe Covid-19 symptoms, are the elderly, with certain diseases, people with obesity, as well as smokers.

Here are some reasons why smokers are susceptible to being infected with the Corona Virus:

Where when smoking, the hands will touch the lips more often. This can increase the risk of passing the virus from hand to mouth, especially if hands are not washed frequently.

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Moreover, exposure to smoke from tobacco cigarettes and aerosols from e-cigarettes can weaken the respiratory tract and reduce the body’s immune system’s ability to fight germs, including the Corona virus. This makes it easier for smokers to develop infections.