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Take a peek at the 8 uses of ice cubes in everyday life, remove chewing gum to treat burns

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Here are 8 uses of ice cubes in everyday life.

The benefits of ice cubes are not only felt in drinks, but can also be used for everyday life.

Yes, solid objects that come from water freezing not only function to refresh drinks, but can also be used to overcome various problems in everyday life.

In the world of beauty, ice cubes are believed to provide benefits ranging from shrinking facial pores, overcoming acne to eliminating dark circles in the eyes, also known as panda eyes.

Then, what are the uses of ice cubes in everyday life?

Quoted from Step to Health, here are 8 uses of ice cubes that can be practiced to solve problems in everyday life.

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1. Remove the gum from the cloth

If you’ve ever sat on gum, caught it in your hair, or fallen on a rug or carpet, don’t worry.

Ice cubes can help remove them.

All you have to do is scrub with ice until the gum hardens from the frozen ice.