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Seven Benefits of Black Honey for Body Health

Jakarta – Black honey is also called bitter black honey different from honey in general. This type of honey has a dark black color as the name suggests. The taste is even more bitter, so it is often called concentrated black honey.

The thing that causes the taste of honey varies because it depends on the plants absorbed by the bees. Black honey is produced by wild honey which is thought to extract extract from the mahogany tree.

Apart from mahogany, extract from the pelawan tree, calliandra and rubber cassava can also produce black honey if it is absorbed by bees. Usually black honey can be found in various forests in Indonesia, but it is mostly found on the island of Borneo.

Because the content of black honey is still natural, honey is safer to use because it doesn’t mix much with other ingredients such as preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Following Hashtags summarizes the various benefits of black honey

1. Overcoming indigestion

Black honey is believed to be able to neutralize stomach acid. So that even if someone eats sour and spicy foods, the stomach will still be protected.

The benefits of black honey to neutralize stomach acid can certainly avoid various digestive problems such as stomach acid, grastitis, gastric ulcers, and other digestive tract problems.

2. Reducing the symptoms of gout

Use black honey regularly to prevent uric acid from recurring. The benefits of black honey are to relieve these symptoms.

Gout is a disease characterized by symptoms of pain in the joints, swelling, making it difficult for sufferers to move.

3. Increase stamina

If your stamina decreases, your daily activities will also be disrupted. Consuming black honey can restore the body’s stamina to look fitter again.

So that by consuming black honey on a regular basis can be more powerful in carrying out various activities.

4. Overcoming respiratory problems

Black honey which has anti-inflammatory properties can soothe and soothe sore throats. In addition, black honey is also believed to be able to cleanse the lungs of various pathogens (parasites that can cause disease in their hosts).

As a result, the respiratory tract can work more optimally. Black honey is also believed to be good for consumption by people with asthma.

5. Lowering blood sugar

Black honey is also believed to reduce blood sugar levels. Black honey is highly recommended for consumption for diabetics.

Because, the sugar content in black honey is also known to be not as much as regular honey, so this honey is proven to be safer for daily consumption.

6. Lower cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body can increase the risk of various diseases, especially cardiovascular disease (associated with the heart and blood vessels).

Regularly consuming black honey can neutralize cholesterol levels and prevent these diseases.

In addition, it is also able to directly reduce the risk of coronary heart attack due to the presence of antithrombotic activity. This property can prevent blood clots that can cause heart attacks.

7. Improve kidney and liver function

The benefits of black honey are that it is able to maintain the kidneys and liver so that their functions can work optimally.

The kidneys and liver are very important organs for the body. The disruption of kidney function and liver function can have a negative impact on other organs in the body. []