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Recognizing the Benefits of Uwi for Health, Substitute Rice for Diabetics

Recognizing the Benefits of Uwi for Health, Substitute Rice for Diabeticssweet potato illustration. sweet potato illustration

Merdeka.com – Uwi is one of the starchy staple food crops which is very important in tropical and sub-tropical agriculture because it shows a strong growth cycle. In the past, uwi was often an alternative food, a helper during famine.

When the dry season hits, rice and sago cannot be harvested, people will consume tubers like uwi. Umbi uwi has the Latin name Dioscorea alata which belongs to the uwi-uwian tribe (Dioscorea spp).

In Java, uwi has various relatives and is known by several names such as gembili (Dioscorea esculenta), gembolo (Dioscorea bulbifera), sosohan (Dioscorea petaphylla) and gadung (Dioscorea hispida).

Uwi has a fairly complete nutritional content such as provitamin A, vitamin C, protein, starch content. With this content, I am not surprised if uwi can be said to be better when compared to other tubers such as potatoes, cassava and cassava.

Given its complete nutrition, it is not surprising then that Uwi is rich in benefits for body health. The following is more about the benefits of uwi for health, a substitute for rice for diabetics has been summarized by merdeka.com through liputan6.com and core.ac.uk.

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