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Read, Here Are 7 Benefits Of White Turmeric That You Need To Know

Friday, December 25 2020 – 11:32 WIB

Read, These are 7 Benefits of White Turmeric You Need to Know - JPNN.com

Illustration of white turmeric. Photo: Pixabay

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – TURMERIC white is the most ancient spice used in almost all world cuisines.

It is mostly used to add yellow color and flavor to dishes for health benefits. White turmeric also contains health benefits.

What are they? The following is the explanation, as reported by the Genpi.co page.

1. Treating Ulcer pain

Heartburn can arise due to the appearance of a wound in the stomach that results in infection.

Turmeric has long been popular as a natural remedy for indigestion.

This material is able to fight the bacteria that cause ulcer disease and also avoid infection.

2. Relieves Menstrual Pain


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