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Rarely known, this turns out to be 7 benefits of petai for body health

Suara.com – Although many don’t like the smell of the following ingredients, who would have thought that petai aka petai has a myriad of health benefits?

But you could say, there are also many who really like to eat petai. Generally, this petai can be eaten directly or processed with vegetables or chili sauce.

Instead of being curious, here are 7 benefits of petai for body health that we have summarized from the page Hops.id – Suara.com Network.

1. Reducing anemia

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Anemia is a condition when the body lacks red blood cells, resulting in frequent fatigue, headaches, nausea and irregular heartbeat.

To prevent it from further endangering the body, you can consume petai which contains high enough iron, so that the body can produce enough red blood cells. Anemia can also be avoided.

2. Smooth digestion

The soft texture with high enough fiber makes it easy for the stomach to digest petai, so that digestion is smooth.

Even when you experience constipation, you should consume petai to help make bowel movements easier because of the fiber contained in petai. Eating petai, prevents you from laxatives that can cause lasting effects.

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Petai health benefits (Shutterstock)
Petai health benefits (Shutterstock)

3. Relieves hangover

Petai can also help deal with the condition of people who are drunk. You do this by making petai as a milkshake drink mixed with milk and honey.

Maps serves to soothe a burning stomach caused by alcoholic drinks. Honey is responsible for increasing blood sugar levels, while milk is useful for replenishing lost fluids in the body.

4. Good for pregnant women

Eating too much food can cause stomach ulcers so that they are uncomfortable with activities. So, use petai to help deal with the feeling of burning or burning in the chest due to eating too much. This is due to the antacid effect that petai has after consumption. Likewise for pregnant women who often vomit. Eating petai regularly can relieve nausea in the body.

5. Deal with depression

Depression exists because of the pressure in the mind that makes the body no longer relax and always tense. For that, the body needs serotonin which functions to relax the tense state of the body part. Well, petai has tryptophan which can be converted by the body into serotonin when you consume it, so that depression can be overcome.

6. Improve brain power

The high potassium content in petai can help improve children’s memory, making it easy to do exam questions.

This was shown in research that took place in England, to be precise at Twickenham, London. In that study, about 200 children were asked to eat petai three times a day. As a result, during exams, the children could do all the questions well, from the easy ones to the most difficult ones.

7. Improve mood during PMS

Often times when women experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome), their moods will often change. From being angry to being sad or happy.

To deal with an unstable emotional state, which can damage the surrounding environment and interfere with work performance, you should eat petai at the time of menstruation. Because bananas contain vitamin B6 which functions to regulate blood sugar levels which can help improve mood.