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Rarely known, these are 5 benefits of dark chocolate for your face: Okezone Lifestyle

Dark chocolate, a very seductive sweet treat. Usually, people consume dark chocolate to change their mood for the better.

However, it turns out that dark chocolate has other benefits such as facial beauty. Besides that, it is also often used as a face mask.

Then what are the benefits of a dark chocolate mask for your facial skin as reported by Liveobs.

dark chocolate

1. High in antioxidants

As mentioned above, chocolate contains many powerful antioxidants which ward off free radical damage and protect your skin.

2. Protects skin from UV damage

Practicing safe sunshine should be a top priority. And, with its great sun protection properties, dark chocolate protects your skin from harmful UV rays. This is to help prevent conditions like sunburn and skin cancer.

3. Provide nutrition

Eating chocolate regularly helps keep your skin hydrated and well nourished. So that it can give your skin a smooth finish without any problems.

4. Detoxifies the skin

Chocolate is an excellent skin detox when combined with caffeine. It exfoliates dead skin cells and allows for new, unstoppable, fresh skin to glow.

5. Make glowing

Stress is not good for the skin. You have to keep checking it. But it turns out, chocolate can help provide amazing stress relieving qualities. So that it can make the skin glow by reducing the increase in stress hormones.