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Popular as a medicinal plant, what are the benefits of aloe vera? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Aloe vera or aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant and has been used for thousands of years.

Aloe vera is native to North Africa, Southern Europe and the Canary Island.

Now, aloe vera has grown in various tropical climates in the world.

This herb is best known for treating skin wounds. However, apart from that, aloe vera also has many other uses.

Researchers are still exploring the benefits that can be obtained from using aloe vera.

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Here are some of the benefits that have been found:

Launch Medical News Today, people often use aloe vera as a topical medicine, namely by applying it to the skin.

In fact, aloe vera does have a long history of treating wounds, especially burns and sunburn.

Research shows that aloe vera is an effective topical medicinal agent for first- and second-degree burns.

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In a review of experimental studies, aloe vera reduced the healing time of burns by 9 days compared to conventional treatment.

Apart from that, it also helps prevent redness, itching and infection.

While the evidence that aloe vera can heal other types of wounds is not yet conclusive, the research so far has shown promising results.

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2. Relieves heartburn

Aloe vera.smartgardenguide.com Aloe vera.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a type of digestive disorder that often causes heartburn.

Quoting Healthline, a 2010 review showed that taking 1-3 ounces of aloe vera gel at mealtimes reduces the severity of GERD.

Apart from that, consuming aloe vera can also relieve other problems related to digestion.

The low toxicity of the plant makes it a safe remedy for heartburn.

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3. Reducing dental plaque

Tooth decay and gum disease are common health problems.

One of the best ways to prevent this condition is to reduce the buildup of plaque on the teeth.

In a study of mouthwash on 300 healthy people, researchers compared 100 percent pure aloe vera juice to the standard chlorexidine mouthwash ingredient.

After 4 days of use, aloe vera mouthwash was found to be as effective as chlorhexidine in reducing dental plaque.

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4. Lowering blood sugar

Eating two tablespoons of aloe vera juice every day can lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

These benefits are obtained from a study in the journal Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacy.

However, diabetics who take glucose-lowering drugs should be careful when consuming aloe vera.

The consumption of both might lower blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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You can also take advantage of aloe vera to keep your skin clean and hydrated.

For information, aloe vera is a plant that thrives in dry and unstable climates.

Therefore, to survive, the leaves of this plant store a lot of water.

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The combination of these water-dense leaves with special compounds in plants called complex carbohydrates makes aloe vera an effective facial moisturizer and pain reliever.

In a 2009 study of 30 women aged 45, using aloe vera gel increased collagen production and increased skin elasticity for 90 days.

The review also shows that aloe vera can help the skin retain moisture which is beneficial for dry skin conditions.

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