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Player Barito Putera Rizky Pora Explains the Benefits of Independent Training

BOLASPORT.COM – Player Barito Putera, Rizky Pora admits that being a footballer is greatly helped by regularly undergoing independent training.

It seems that Rizky Pora is not only doing independent training.

This is because Barito Putera has indeed obliged his players to continue doing independent training when the competition is stopped.

Djadjang Nurdjaman said as coach of Barito Putera, the independent training program is aimed at maintaining the physical condition of the players.

So that when it comes time for the training title, all the players are physically ready.

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Rizky Pora admitted that so far he had not encountered any obstacles in undergoing independent training.

However, according to Rizky, the training intensity is still lacking.

This is even more so when compared to before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit.

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Editor:Metta Rahma Melati