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PGN Increases the Understanding of the Sidoarjo Community Regarding the Safety and Benefits of Natural Gas

PGN officers provide education regarding the safety and benefits of gas to one of the Sidoarjo residents

KLIKJATIM.Com | Sidoarjo – PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk. or PGN continues to strive to improve public understanding of the safety and benefits of natural gas in everyday life. This time, the PGN Sidoarjo Area held socialization and education.

Area Head of PGN in Sidoarjo and surrounding areas, Heri Frastiono, said that the activity that was carried out some time ago was to invite PGN’s loyal customers to understand natural gas and to invite them to make a number of maintenance efforts.

“They are given knowledge about natural gas. “Regarding the nature of natural gas, about the safety of using natural gas and inviting them to support and care for efforts to ensure the reliability of gas pipelines in the surrounding environment,” he said, Sidoarjo, Monday (28/12/2020).

Apart from that, education is also carried out in terms of handling and what steps should be taken when there is a gas leak or fire. “We provide an understanding of the limits of responsibility for PGN and customers and the obligations of gas customers,” he added.

PGN Sidoarjo and its surrounding areas also attach safety stickers around the gas meter or close to the customer’s gas equipment. This effort is expected so that customers can read the information in it, including about instructions and how to deal with the smell of gas and gas leaks and procedures for paying natural gas bills.

“The public can contact the PGN Contact Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1500-645 or SEWU LIMANGATUS GAS, to get complete information, submit complaints and report hazard incidents in the gas pipeline network,” said Heri Frastiono.

Dissemination, education and safety sticker affixing activities are carried out door to door, remembering the Covid-19 Pandemic period to always maintain health and social distancing protocols. PGN also always provides the best service to PGN’s Loyal Customers.

One of the PGN Sidoarjo Area customers, Achmadun, said he was very satisfied with PGN’s services. According to him, PGN is very fast in responding if there are complaints from customers. “I am a PGN gas customer who does not want to switch to other fuels and does not want to unsubscribe because it is cheaper, more practical, less complicated, more efficient,” he said.

He also emphasized that when there are complaints from customers, PGN officers come to the house very quickly to respond to complaints or complaints so that customers are very satisfied and comfortable.

“I am very satisfied with PGN’s services that can provide the information I need as a customer. As a PGN gas customer, I also feel calmer about using natural gas because if there is a gas leak at home, it is handled quickly, so we feel safe, “he added.

Meanwhile, PGN Sidoarjo Area Customer Management Supriyono and Yulwien said customer responses during the socialization by officers were very communicative and open. “PGN customers receive us very well and pay close attention to the information we explain, interspersed with laughter to make customers feel comfortable and feel close to us,” he concluded. (hen)