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Peach Gum Can Make Skin Younger and 5 Other Facts

Serving from peach gum so much more so talk Some are made so dessert, fresh drinks, some are also put in soup. Want to know more questions peach gum? Here are the facts!

Sap From Peach Trees

Gum here you can say that it is a liquid resin or sap that comes from plants peach or peach. When found, the molten sap has clumped like transparent crystals and sticks to the stems of plants.

This is the appearance of the clumped sap of the peach plant. | SHUTTERSTOCK

It feels plain

When tasted, peach gum some have a very soft texture, some are still a little chewy or also tend to be crunchy. Taste plain alias without taste, but on the tongue of some people there is a little taste and aroma of herbs / medicine.

The peach gum texture is very soft, it melts immediately on the tongue. | SHUTTERSTOCK

Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The peach itself is a fruit that is very much found in China. That’s why, peach gum itself has long been known in the world of traditional Chinese medicine. Its benefits include relieving bladder infections and also relieving stress.

Can Make Skin Younger

Other than that, peach gum also contains high collagen which is good for skin regeneration. There are still amino acids that function to build protein networks in the body.

From relieving bladder infections, peach gum can also regenerate skin. | SHUTTERSTOCK

Soaked Then Boiled

Before eating, peach gum usually soaked in water for a while until the texture softens. Then ripen by boiling. Then mix it into the dish you like.

Can Enter In Various Dishes

Peach gum delicious eaten in dishes that contain water. For example, fresh drinks and dessert soup, usually along with various other ingredients such as longan fruit, goji berries, pudding and mushrooms.

Peach gum in a sweet, fresh dessert soup. | SHUTTERSTOCK

Due to Asian culture sticking to warm soup, peach gum also often included in soups, such as chicken soup, meat soup, or mushroom soup. Not limited to that, many also include peach gum into a stir fry or other dishes according to taste.

So, curious about peach gum? Come on, process it the way you like!

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