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Not only as a sweetener, these are 7 benefits of sugar for beauty

Bola.com, Jakarta – All this time sugar always used as a food or beverage sweetener. On the other hand, consuming sugar in excess is not good for your health.

However, of course sugar not always bad. Behind it all, sugar can be used for various purposes, one of which is in terms of beauty.

There are several benefits that you can feel by using sugar for treatment. You can use granulated sugar to replace expensive skin care.

Besides being easy and inexpensive, treatment using granulated sugar has fewer side effects than other sophisticated treatments. Not only that, sugar is also considered the most recommended treatment for skin problems, especially sensitive skin.

To get the benefits, you only need to make a scrub or face mask. One of the benefits of sugar for beauty is that it can be used as an ingredient for body exfoliation.

Using granulated sugar for body exfoliation can leave skin healthy, moisturized, and fresh. There are still other benefits of sugar for beauty that you can feel.

The following is a summary of the benefits sugar for beauty, quoted from Goodhousekeeping and Food.ndtv, Tuesday (27/10/2020).