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Not just healthy, here are some of the benefits of climbing a mountain

PRFMNEWS – Climbing mountains has become a hobby for some people to spend their spare time either with friends, family or yourself. Climbing is considered tiring, but did you know that climbing also has benefits besides health.

The following PRFM summarizes some of the benefits of mountain climbing as reported by Tentree:

1. Healthy diet
When climbing you know what food can replace your exhausted energy. Like fruit or other foods besides junk food. Because the energy produced by junk food will not be balanced to replenish your depleted energy. So when you hike, you indirectly do a healthy diet because healthy food can replace your energy properly.

2. Do not give up easily
A climber will definitely have a principle like this, because to reach the top requires a struggle. Climbing will not only make you physically tired, but also a drained mind. Tiredness will definitely whack you but rest assured that you can reach the top. Trust me, the struggle will not betray the results. So don’t give up easily!

3. Be grateful for the little things
When you climb, the weather can be erratic, hot or cold will definitely occur during the climb, especially when it takes a lot of time to get to the top. When the heat is whacking, you will really need water and the little water there will always be meaningful. When you are grateful for the little things, you will appreciate and keep what you have.

4. Be ready when change comes
Climbing is not an activity that takes only 1-2 hours, but you will spend a lot of time getting to the high top. When climbing the weather will easily change from hot to rainy or vice versa.

Before climbing you will make sure what items will be taken to protect you from the disturbance that will occur. This makes you a person who is ready for everything that will be faced. All the preparations you have done to prepare for what will happen in the future. (Dian Meilani / JOB) ***