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Need to know! Psychologists Say If Parents Do This Will Provide Benefits to the Child

PR DEPOK – Children who are often hugged by their parents will be more resilient to bullying by friends or their environment.

This was conveyed directly by a psychologist from the Sports Psychology Association Wiene Dewi Toorisnawati, Sunday, December 27, 2020.

During an online discussion with the theme “The power of a hug,” the child goddesses, who are accustomed to being hugged by their parents, consider bullying or bullying as a normal thing so they are better prepared when they hang out.

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“This happens because the child first gets a sense of security and comfort from the parents,” he was quoted as saying Pikiranrakyat-Depok.com from Between.

That means, he says, the kids who have gotten the power of the hug don’t think bullying is a big burden or it can cause stress.

“So he felt he was not attacked when he was beaten,” said Dewi added.

Dewi likens the children who are used to being hugged before have strong horses. So that if there is an attack, then he will not easily fall or collapse.

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