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Limiting Consumption of Peach Gum So As Not To Overdo It, This Is Expert Suggestion

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Peach gum recently known as a healthy snack. Besides making you curious because of its unique appearance, peach gum has a sweet and delicious taste as a snack. As the name suggests, peach gum is the main ingredient of this dessert, which is the sap secreted from the skin of the peach tree and is clear like a crystal.

Clinical Nutritionist, Raissa E Djuanda, said that peach gum is rich in collagen and amino acids that are good for maintaining skin elasticity and repairing damaged tissue. Besides that, it is also good for maintaining digestive health.

Usually peach gum is additionally processed food other. Such as Angco fruit is useful as a blood booster, increase endurance, inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Lotus seeds are useful as anti-aging, fiber enhancer, improve digestion.

There are also Goji Berries which contain vitamin c, beta carotene, which is good for eye health. Kundur fruit which is useful for treating heartburn and sore throat, as well as white mushroom which is useful for lowering cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels and is rich in antioxidants

Although rich in health benefits, Raissa added that peach gum is safe for consumption as long as it is not excessive. Because usually the processing of peach gum is made with additional soup sugar or honey. So if the added sweetener is too much it will not be good.

“However, even though we regularly consume peach gum, it still cannot replace other nutritional values. We still need main meals that contain complete nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals,” said Raissa when contacted by Tempo.co on Sunday, June 28. 2020.

Note that 1 medium cup of peach gum contains about 200 calories, which is the equivalent of 1 cup of milk. For that it is advisable to keep eating complete 3 times a day. This peach gum is a snack or snack at main meal times.

“The recommended sugar content a day is not more than 4 tablespoons. So if it is estimated that the sugar in 1 cup of peach gum is 2 tablespoons. The maximum daily limit is no more than 2 cups,” the doctor advised at Pondok Indah-Puri Indah Hospital.

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