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Known to be rich in Omega 3, get to know the various benefits of consuming seafood regularly, let's! - All Pages

Sea fish is high in omega-3

Nithin bolar k, CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Sea fish is high in omega-3

Bobo.id – During the growing period, children need various nutrients, one of which is omega 3.

Omega 3 is a nutrient that is important for brain development in children.

So, to get omega 3 intake, one type of food that can be consumed is seafood or seafood.

In addition to providing good omega 3 intake for brain development, it turns out that there are various other benefits of eating seafood.

Come on, find out the four benefits of eating seafood regularly!

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1. Helps Increase the Immune System

Eating seafood can help boost immunity.

This is because seafood contains zinc which boosts the immune system.

Well, if our bodies get nutritional intake in the form of zinc, then the body doesn’t get sick easily and the immune system can function optimally.

In addition, in seafood there are also various other nutrients that help fight viruses in the body.

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2. Improve Memory

Previously, Bobo had written that omega 3 helps children’s brain development.

Consuming seafood also helps to improve our memory, here.

The seafood we eat protects the material in the brain, namely gray matter, which helps improve memory.

Illustration of frying fish

MaxPixel’s contributors

Illustration of frying fish

This is why, eating seafood regularly is highly recommended for children.

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3. Strengthens Bones

Milk is known as one of the foods that helps strengthen bones.

It turns out that eating seafood regularly can also help strengthen bones.

This is because seafood contains a lot of vitamin D which strengthens bones and teeth.

The function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium.

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4. Maintain the Mood

Mackarel tuna.

Creative Commons / Midori

Mackarel tuna.

Certainly, a bad mood affects the things or activities we do everyday.

As a result, we become angry more easily with those around us or become moody.

Now, to reduce a deteriorating mood and keep a good mood, it turns out that eating seafood can have an effect.

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From the research conducted, regularly eating seafood will reduce the feeling of stress and sadness that is being experienced.

Wow, it turns out that there are various benefits of eating seafood. Come on, start eating seafood diligently!

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(Authors: Cirana Merisa, Tyas Wening)

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