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Know the 8 benefits of drinking iced tea for the body

KOMPAS.com – After water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage in the world. Although heavily sweetened teas cannot be considered as healthy.

However, apart from sweeteners, tea is actually rich in benefits that are good for the health of the body.

This is proven in many studies and shows that tea can reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as help prevent several other diseases.

Well, most people don’t know, if it turns out that drinking tea with iced or iced tea is a great way to get all the benefits, especially in warmer weather.

For this reason, here are some of the benefits the body gets when drinking iced tea, as reported by the Treehugger page.

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1. Keeping the body hydrated

Drinking iced tea can keep your body hydrated because the benefits not only come from the tea, but also the freshness that ice creates.

A study published in the Harvard School of Public Health states that tea is a good source of hydration for the body.

Despite the common myth that caffeine dehydrates the body, there’s plenty of evidence that it doesn’t happen.

2. Increase antioxidants

Tea is known to have compounds that can increase antioxidants and fight free radicals.

Therefore, some ancient traditional remedies often use tea as a natural remedy.

Numerous studies have also shown that black and green teas have 18 times more polyphenol antioxidants than those found in certain fruits and vegetables.

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Iced tea.Thinkstock Iced tea.

3. Replace sweetened drinks

Too much consumption of sweet drinks, of course, results in the emergence of various chronic diseases.

One of them is soft drinks which contain lots of sweeteners. One regular can of sofdrink contains 37 grams of total sugar which is about 9 teaspoons of sugar and 140 calories.

Meanwhile, unsweetened iced tea can be a delicious and refreshing drink without containing excess sugar and calories.

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4. Benefits for teeth

Perhaps we have known a lot that caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee can make our teeth yellow.

However, several other studies have shown that drinking tea can make our teeth healthier. Tea is said to change the pH in the mouth, which can prevent cavities.

At the very least, it seems that iced tea doesn’t damage tooth enamel like some drinks do.

In addition, it is better if after consuming any food or drink, we are more diligent in brushing our teeth to stay healthy and avoid turning yellow.

5. Can fight cancer

The Tea Association of the USA explained that more than 3,000 published research studies evaluated the role of tea and tea compounds for the body.

One of the compounds in tea, namely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), plays an important role in fighting cancer in the body.

The effects also apply to a number of different cancers and are associated with varying significant success rates.

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6. Provide a source of manganese

Not many people know that manganese is very good for promoting healing, helping to maintain bone strength, and supporting the body’s metabolism.

In addition, manganese also helps to produce insulin in the body, which plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels.

A glass of black iced tea provides 520 micrograms of manganese, a recommended 29 percent of the daily intake for women and 23 percent for men.

7. Make nerves more relaxed

A British study found that people who drank tea were able to relieve stress faster than those who didn’t.

In addition, tea drinkers who drank black tea four times a day for six weeks experienced a reduction in stress hormones.

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8. Maintain heart health

Research has found that people who regularly drink green tea will have lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

We can make iced tea by traditional brewing tea then adding ice or letting it cool down.

Meanwhile, types of black tea, green tea, or herbal tea can be consumed by adding a little taste of fruit, spices, lemon, mint, and ginger which are delicious, and are very beneficial for health.