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Know the 5 Benefits of Dates for Women's Health and Beauty

Know the 5 Benefits of Dates for Women’s Health and Beauty. Photo: Shutterstock
Dates is one of the foods that are often eaten when the fasting month welcomes. Usually, after a day of fasting, some people will make dates as a complementary dish to restore sugar levels and energy that had been reduced in the body.
Besides being useful in restoring sugar and energy levels, dates also have benefits others especially for health as well as female beauty. Quoting from Hindustan Times, dates contain several vitamins and minerals, to be precise carbohydrates, fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, and vitamin B6.

“Dates are a food that is related to overall health,” said dietitian Dr. Aashima Chopra of Paras Hospital India.

Seeing that, of course as women, we must be able to take care of our health and beauty by getting used to consuming these dates. Let Ladies see the benefits of dates according to Hindustan Times which is already WOMAN coils summarize for you.

1. Dates help you lose weight

com-Illustration of maintaining weight Photo: Shutterstock

Dr. Chopra said that by consuming 4-6 dates per day, it will help you lose weight. You can also make dates as a snack between your busy schedule so you can get good nutrition even though you have a lot of activities.

Illustration of woman with healthy skin. Photo: Shutterstock

Dates contain vitamins C and D which are very good for skin health. This vitamin content also makes your skin smoother and more radiant. If the skin has become smooth and radiant, of course, skin health will get better in the future if consumed regularly.

3. Reducing excess stress

Illustration of stressed woman. Photo: Shutterstock

Excess stress will greatly affect the health of a woman’s body. One way to reduce it is by consuming dates. The content of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and A1 and C will provide properties that are useful for reducing stress that you may be experiencing.

4. Improve and improve digestion

com-Illustration of female digestion. Photo: shutterstock

Dates contain fiber which is good enough to fix digestive problems. “By soaking some dates in water for some time, and chewing them every day. Your digestive system will improve, dates are high in fiber and can solve constipation problems and help digestion better,” said Dr. Chopra again.

5. Strengthens bone condition

Illustration of healthy bones Photo: Shutterstock

Who would have thought that dates are also useful for strengthening the condition of your bones, Ladies. It is known that dates contain selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium which help maintain bone health. Dr. Chopra also added that good bone health will reduce the potential for developing osteoporosis.

Author: Johanna Aprillia