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Judging 6 Benefits of Salam Leaves for Body Health and Side Effects

Although it can lower blood sugar levels, it turns out that bay leaves also have side effects for diabetics. Bay leaves can cause hypoglycemia due to decreased blood sugar levels that are excessive and difficult to control. We recommend that you consult your doctor first regarding its use.

The use of bay leaves in pregnant and lactating women needs more attention. This is because there is no accurate information about the safe dosage of using bay leaves for pregnant and lactating women. Therefore, consult your doctor first before using this herbal leaf.

In addition, those of you who are going to undergo the surgical process must avoid consuming bay leaves since two weeks before the operation. Bay leaves are thought to slow down the work of the nervous system and brain, so that it risks disrupting the effects of anesthetic drugs during surgery and afterwards.

In general, consuming bay leaves as food is classified as safe. But if you intend to take it as herbal medicine, it’s better to consult with your doctor first.