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Its aroma makes you relax, these are 5 not-so-known benefits of aromatic telon oil

Nakita.id – Moms are certainly familiar with telon oil. This type of oil has been around since time immemorial and is used for generations.

Telon oil is known to have a number of benefits for your little one. When applied to the baby’s body, telon oil provides a warm and comfortable effect.

Because, unlike adults, the baby’s body has not been able to burn fat reserves automatically to produce warmth in the body.

Not only that, telon oil also has a distinctive aroma. In fact, the fragrance is often referred to as “baby fragrance”.

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Did you know, nowadays there is aromatic telon oil which provides a series of benefits and a unique fragrance for your little one, such as Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil.

Habbie telon oil provides a Tea Series variant that presents a sweet aroma from tea. In addition, there is also a Flower Series variant with a flowery fragrance fresh.

For its ingredients, Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil consists of a mixture of coconut oil, fennel oil and eucalyptus oil. Apparently, each of these ingredients has good benefits for your little one, you know. What are the benefits? Come on, see.

1. Maintain and protect the skin

In Flower Series, there is argan oil which is useful as protection from free radicals, protects hair and adds texture to hair. treat itching of the skin, and resist insect bites.

Meanwhile, the Tea Series contains olive oil which can moisturize the skin, overcome the crust problems on the baby’s head, and help hair fertility.

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2. Relieve symptoms of pain

The content of fennel oil in telon oil is known to cure various diseases that often attack babies.

Fennel oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the fennel plant. This oil is effective in curing flatulence and colds caused by influenza.

The sineol substance in eucalyptus oil will also provide a warm effect on the body, so that it can provide a sense of comfort.

3. Relieves itching

Apart from producing a warm effect, the cineol substance contained in eucalyptus oil can also relieve itching.

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This is due to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties of sineol.

Some studies have even found that cineol can prevent seizures, cancer, and tumors in babies.

4. Can repel mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are very annoying. Not only makes it itchy, but also leaves red marks on the skin.

Well, in Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil, there is a lavender flower content which is effective in repelling mosquitoes.

The purple flower also has a nice aroma fresh, but is disliked by mosquitoes and other insects. So, you don’t need to worry that your little one will be bitten by mosquitoes.

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5. Smooth breathing

As we know, telon oil has a distinctive aroma, and is often called “fragrance for babies”. Plus, Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil provides a unique aroma sensation.

Do you know, this aroma can actually help your little one breathe. Especially, when his nose is blocked due to colds and flu.

This aroma can also transmit signals to the brain to make the body more relaxed, so it is very comfortable when applied to your little one’s body.

With the above benefits, you don’t need to hesitate to use Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil as part of your little one’s body care.

Do you want to have Habbie Aromatic Telon Oil immediately? Come on Moms, immediately visit Habbie’s official page, Official Facebook Telon Habbie, and Instagram @habbie_id!

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