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Is it okay to process anchovy as solids ingredients?

It is rarely known that anchovy can be processed into complementary ingredients, know its benefits for health

Maybe Mama is already familiar with one of these types of sea fish, namely anchovy. Many Indonesian foods use anchovy as one of the ingredients to be processed, moreover, the price is affordable and easy to get.

However, there are still many people who don’t know that anchovy has many health benefits. Even though it has a small size, anchovies are rich in omega 3 and DHA. You could say anchovy is no less healthy than salmon, you know, Ma.

Of the various benefits that are useful for health, anchovy can be used as one of the complementary ingredients for your little one. If you want to find out more information regarding the use of anchovy as one of the MPASI ingredients as well as its processing, this time Popmama.com will summarize it.

1. What are the benefits of anchovy when used as complementary ingredients?

1. What are the benefits of anchovy when used as solids ingredients


Many people don’t know that anchovies can also be solids. The content of anchovy which is rich in nutrients and nutritious has many benefits for your little one’s body.

In addition, anchovy is a type that is high in omega 3 compared to other seafood. It should be noted that omega 3 content can provide benefits for your little one, such as increasing intelligence, increasing the body’s immune system so that it is able to balance the coordination between the hands and eyes.

If consumed regularly, the health of the heart, liver, joints and bones of children can be maintained.

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2. How to process anchovies properly

2. How to process anchovies right


You need to know that when fish is cooked, the nutritional content will decrease. Therefore, Mama must really pay attention to how to cook anchovies so that the nutrition is not reduced.

Anchovies that have been bought in the market need to be processed properly, especially when they want to be served as complementary ingredients.

A good way of processing anchovies is to put the fish in chiller or freezer once purchased. Storage also needs to be considered carefully when not in use. Anchovy should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap / foil so that it can last up to 3 months.

In addition, to ensure that the anchovy from the market is free from dirt and is not covered by salt it needs to be washed clean. Mama can wash and soak the anchovies in cold water to remove salt and reduce dirt.

If it is confirmed that it is really clean, then the anchovy is ready to be processed into various types of favorite foods or one of the ingredients for your little one’s complementary foods.

3. How are the tips for choosing the right anchovy?

3. How to choose the right anchovy


You need to know that the mercury content in anchovy only contains 5 micrograms of mercury. Anchovies also contain 2,300 micrograms of omega 3, so they are suitable for use as a complementary ingredient.

During the discussion session The Importance of DHA and Omega 3 Intake from Anchovy for Smart Children virtually on Saturday (19/12/2020), parents need to choose anchovies appropriately. Choose anchovies that are really fresh.

Make sure to choose fresh anchovies over dry ones. This is because it is feared that there are high preservatives contained in dried anchovy, especially if the salt content is high enough. Both things can affect your little one’s health, you know, Ma.

4. What fish recommendations are suitable for complementary foods?

4. What fish recommendations are suitable for complementary foods

Pexels / Eva Elijas

For mothers who want to start solids with anchovies or other foods. Of course, you need to think about good nutrition for your little one, namely by providing foods that are rich in vitamins, protein, and even omega 3.

Mama can choose fish that is still fresh, big boned or soft. However, make sure to avoid those containing mercury and preservatives. Moreover, there are many types of marine fish that contain mercury, so that the health and development of children are not affected when consumed.

“Choose fish that contain a little mercury such as anchovies, salmon, shrimp, crab, and others. For fish with high mercury content, such as tuna, mackerel, lobster, and others, “said dr. Putri Sakti DP, M.Gizi, Sp.GK at the event The Importance of DHA and Omega 3 Intake from Anchovy for Smart Children.

Providing instant solid food every day is certainly not good for your little one’s health. For this reason, Mama should provide complementary foods that you make yourself and still pay attention to the nutritional content. Anchovies or other processed fish can be given three times a week.

Change the menu every day so that your little one doesn’t get bored. By changing menus, your little one will get used to exploring the flavors of various types of food.

5. What are the effects of consuming excessively salted fish?

5. What are the effects of consuming salted fish in excess

Pexels / Mumtahina Tanni

Anchovies have two types, namely dry and wet. Have you ever given dried anchovies to your little one? It’s better not to give it again because dried anchovies contain a lot of salt and if consumed in excess it will affect health.

Before it’s too late, it’s good to avoid dried anchovies. This is because the processing of dried anchovy uses a lot of salt, so it is not good for excessive consumption.

The side effects of consuming anchovies in excess can cause an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems due to the content of dangerous metals or mercury.

Those are some information about anchovy that can be used as solids. For those of you who are about to start MPASI, hopefully you can understand this information carefully, Ma. May be useful.

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